Welcome to Guilford Youth Cheerleading

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Welcome to Guilford Youth Cheerleading!




The Guilford Youth Cheerleading Program believes strongly that parent involvement during the course of their cheerleader's season can be vital to the success of the individual participant.  Our goal is to help fundraise, support, and give time for activities through-out the cheer season.  


Parent Responsibly

Gate Duty and 50/50 Raffle ticket sales 2 to 4 slots depending on registrations

Support Fundraisers


Attend games and events 

Support their Cheerleaders efforts


• Having your child arrive to practice on time is imperative. If practice starts at 6pm, on time is 5:50pm. Those 10 minutes are valuable. In that time your child will need to; change into proper practice attire, lace up cheer shoes, make a final trip to the bathroom, have social team building opportunities and make sure their hair is up and out of their face. Being tardy means missing out on important warm ups and stretches, which prevent injuries. Being punctual is critical to make sure your child is prepared properly and gets a good warm up. On the same token, leaving early is leaving the squad short a team member and your child will miss out on critical class material. Leaving early is just as detrimental.
• Proper practice attire is a requirement for your child’s safety. Regular green shorts and a non-baggy white shirt, cheer sneakers, hair pulled up, apply sunscreen, good hydration and no jewelry.  
• Cell phones are not permitted on the fields during practices or games.  This includes Cheerleaders and their parents.  If a Cheerleader brings a cell phone to practice it is to remain in cheer bag till after the game or practice.  



• If you are in doubt about something, ask- don’t assume. Rumors get started quickly othe sidelines and the best avenue to take is to not partake in it on any level. If you hear something that makes you upset or rubs you the wrong way, ask the coordinators to clarify prior to making a false assumption that could be embarrasing for everyone.  
• Know the proper way to communicate. Please bring all concerns, question or ideas directly to the Parent Liaison or Coordinators.  The Coaches primary responsibility is to the athletes on the field. If you pull them away from that, then an athlete could get hurt or a class may not start on time. If the coordinator is unavailable during or after practice for a conversation a safe and efficient method is to communicate by email. This way the coach can address the issue during office time, when they are not instructing a class.
• Fuel for performance.  Always send your child to practice and to games with 2 filled water bottles and a small snack.  The best drink for hydration is always water. If your child has busy afternoons consider packing a snack bag.   Hydration and fuel are important to your childs success and health during practices and game time


• Show your spirit. Think your child is the only one who gets to wear a uniform? No way! As a parent you have the opportunity to encourage your cheerleader and other athletes on the field with your enthusiasm and spirit from the stands and sidelines.  Please consider wearing the Town Spirt wear available on-line and at Guilford Sporting Goods.  Sit and join other cheer/football parents from our town so you can cheer your children on together.
• Help with Team Building events. Cheerleading takes place in more than just the field and gym. Stunting and working together as a team takes trust and unity. It is important that the athletes spend some time together outside of the gym just having a good time and getting to know each other.  Events to look forward to; Guilford Citizen Parade, Pizza Party, Bow Ceremony, Community Events, Fundraising, Youth Night, End of the Year Celebration and many other fun gatherings.
• Support Fundraisers and/or volunteer with GYF parents to support the League. Cheerleading / Football assumes many expenses for the league to conduct their practices, games, provide uniforms, equipment, field and gym time, training for coaches, and other associated costs.  Please, consider helping out at fundraising events such as car washes, bake sales, rafflesconcession help and more. Not only is it a great way to meet the other cheer / football parents, but it is an important bonding event for the team and it helps relieve some of the expense.



• Read and stay informed. Read every handout, newsletter, memo and email and ask if you have questions. Many times confusion is caused by simply not reading the information that is given. Input important dates into your phone or on your calendar and set alerts if needed.
• Attend meetings. Parent Meetings are held to discuss issues, provide information, schedule events, and are an overall way to keep involved, be informed, and meet other parents.
• Join the GYF Team Wall, like the GYF Facebook page and visit the GYF website. These are valuable resource for both new and returning cheer parents. You can freely ask questions and exchange ideas in this supportive positive atmosphere with other cheer parents.



• The Guilford Youth Football and Cheerleading program will purchase cheerleader uniforms, including a shell (body liner), vest and skirt, as well as, provide a pair of spanx and cheer bow for each cheerleader. The pom-poms, will be available and provided by the league for seasonal use.
• Parents will be responsible for the purchase of personal items including; Socks, white Cheer Sneakers, black leggings, bag, jacket, black gloves and a water bottle. 
• The choice of uniforms and squad needs is contingent upon approval of the coaches and coordinators.
• Uniform items that are purchased by GYF are the property of the League and are to remain so. Parents are financially responsible for the replacement of GYF & Cheer issued uniforms and equipment if lost or damaged.  At the end of the Season all uniforms are to be laundered and return to the League.



• All uniforms and practice attire is approved by the Coordinators and Youth Football League.   

Each Cheerleader is expected to:

• Wear proper attire as directed. The uniform is worn to official functions only, and a cheerleader may perform only if he/she is in the complete required uniform. If the cheerleader or mascot is not in proper uniform (including, but not limited to, secured hairstyle, bow, skirt, vest, spanx, no-see socks,  sneakers, cold weather attire), he/she will contact a family member to bring the necessary uniform. 
• Keep uniforms clean, pressed, and mended at all times.
• Reflect grooming standards, including, but not limited to: 
• Makeup that is natural and light
• Secured hairstyle with bows/ribbons
• Nails that are short and well-groomed and do not exceed the length of the finger; acrylic nails or tips are strongly discouraged for safety reasons; colored nail polish is not to be worn when cheering or in uniform
• No visible jewelry, including body piercing
• No gum chewing or candy
• Keep Pom-poms in your cheer bag
• Wash and maintain sneakers for appearance and safety



• Practice is very important for the Cheerleader and their teams.  Please be ready and on time.  If unable to attend a practice please notify the coordinator.  Responding to the practice reminders for attendance is important.
• please Notify the Coordinators that someone else will be transporting your child to and from practice.  
• Practice Location will be Long Hill Field unless otherwise directed by the Coordinators.
• Please being the signed waiver and Release of Liability Form, Emergency Medical Consent Form, and Medical Clearance Form before the first practice.  Please bring the Medical Clearance Form to your physician’s office early as they get busy with school physicals at this time.  The Form only needs a signature for medical clearance. 
• ATTIRE: Appropriate clothing for the weather – shorts & a non-baggy t-shirt for warm weather, sweatpants & sweatshirt for cold weather. Cheer sneakers are Mandatory! No sandals, clogs, or flip flops. No jewelry of any kind.  Hair pulled back into a pony tail if possible.  No Nail polish.
• Mandatory: Water bottles must be brought to all practices.



For August and September: At Long Hill Field

• Every Tuesday 5:30-7:30 PM
• Thursday Practice starting August 25th
• Every Saturday 9:30-11:00
• **First Cheer Practice will begin on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 5:30p.m.-7:30p.m.



Cheer Tumble class Thursday July 7-August 18th

Guilford Community Center 5-6PM

Register at Park & Rec. Program book 

Cost: $50



• Games are played on Sundays. We arrive at the field one hour before start of game to warm-up, position for half-time routine and practice a few cheers.  Parents are responsible for transportation and/or carpooling arrangements to and from all games.  Since there is no specified time for the end of the game, we recommend being there early if not attending the game.  We practice and play in the rain and possibly the snow… DRESS APPROPRIATELY.  A game schedule will be forwarded to you when available.  Parents are also encouraged to visit our website at www.guilfordyouthfootball.net



• Always – Vest, Skirt, no see socks, white cheer sneakers, spankies and poms.  No jewelry of any kind.  Hair needs to be pulled back into a high pony with cheer ribbon worn.  
• Cold weather: Uniform plus body liner, black leggings, Cheer jacket, black gloves



• Water bottles must be brought to all games and a light snack.


SAVE THE DATE:  September 17th

• We will be participating in the Guilford Citizens Parade.  We will march a long side the   Guilford High School Cheerleaders.  More Information to follow


Many other fun events will be posted as the cheer season gets in full swing!!


We are the Indians and we are the best!

Go Guilford!


Any cheer question please contact:


Karen Chiaia- GYF cheerleading co-coordinator


203-453-9378 cell 203-500-3883


Marla Rubino- GYF cheerleading co-coordinator


Cell 678-596-3553