2017 Year-in-Review

Updated Thursday March 15, 2018 by Ken Alberti.

Hello GYF&C Members,

While planning for the 2018 season has been in the works for several months already, we wanted to take a moment to review and celebrate all of the accomplishments and highlights from the 2017 season. As you will read, the Guilford Youth Football and Cheerleading program is strong and thriving.

  • Guilford remains one of the only programs in the entire Shoreline Youth Football Conference (18 towns) to continually experience growth in participation numbers. We had a 15% increase in player participation last season, the third consecutive year with an increase.
  • Three teams – G5, G7 and G8 – competed in the Championship Playoff series with the 7th grade team advancing to the semifinals before losing a thrilling game in the final minutes.
  • Two teams – G4 and G6 – competed in the Bowl Playoff series with the 4th grade team putting together a great playoff run capped with a Bowl Playoff series championship!
  • After several years without enough players to create a team, the 6th grade class fielded a first-year team; 23 players strong. The players and coaching staff had to learn on the fly as they competed against teams that have played together for a number of years. We are all excited to watch this team continue to develop as G7 this coming season.
  • The 3rd grade squad did a great job fielding a team this year and introducing an eager group of kids to tackle football.
  • The K-2 Flag coaching staff and players had a busy season learning football fundamentals and teamwork. The kids were able to try out their new skills by participating in several flag games against surrounding towns.
  • The Cheerleading squad fielded a team of 22 enthusiastic cheerleaders dedicated to providing support and encouragement to all of our teams throughout the season.
  • For the first time, GYF&C hosted a raffle fundraiser asking players to sell ten, $10 tickets in order to raise necessary funds for the program. Raffle ticket purchasers entered for a chance to win one of three cash prizes. We know we can improve the communication and roll-out of this program in 2018. However, after prize payouts, printing costs and permit fees, the raffle fundraiser generated more than $9,000 for the league.
  • Finally, we successfully hosted five championship games for the Shoreline Conference on one very busy Sunday in November at GHS. Not only was this a wonderful way to showcase the strength of our youth football program and Guilford’s athletic facilities, we also generated nearly $7,000 in net proceeds for our program.

All of the hard work and dedication from many parents, coaches and volunteers has allowed the league to continue improving the player experience. Specifically, the strong fundraising efforts are being put to immediate use as we recently purchased more than 100 new shoulder pads, replacing half of our inventory for the coming season. We have also purchased 30 new helmets to outfit an entire team this season. As we continue our fundraising efforts, we have established a schedule to replace and upgrade equipment on a rolling basis. If all goes well, by this time next season we will purchase the remaining quantity needed to completely upgrade all of our shoulder pads in just two years.

Many of us are engaged in numerous fundraisers throughout the year for other sports, clubs and community groups. Guilford Youth Football & Cheerleading only conducts one fundraising campaign during the season. Last season was the first time we implemented the raffle fundraiser. Hopefully this note demonstrates our commitment to providing top-of-the-line equipment and other resources for our players and teams. We are immediately leveraging the fundraising proceeds to benefit your children this season and for many seasons to follow.

On behalf of the GYF&C Executive Board, thank you for your support as we continue our commitment to providing a positive youth football experience for our players and families. Don’t forget GYF&C is completely volunteer-driven. Please consider ways to help the program this season.

Thank you.

Executive Board
Guilford Youth Football and Cheerleading