Flag Football Program Changes for 2019

Modified Flag Added for Grades 2-3

UpdatedMonday March 25, 2019 byKen Alberti.

NEW for the 2019 Football Season!

Beginning this season, Guilford Youth Football will offer a two tiered flag football experience for children entering grades K-3 this fall. A preview of the flag football guidelines and rules are included below with the complete document accessible via the PDF link at the bottom of the page.

The Flag Football coordinator for 2019 is Tom Madigan (madtom77@yahoo.com). Coach Madigan will also serve as the head coach of the grade 2-3 modified flag team. Jeff Manfredonia (jmanfredonia1@gmail.com) will serve as head coach for the grade K-1 flag team.

2019 Flag Football Guidelines and Rules


The number one priority for the Guilford Youth Football league is FUN and SAFETY.  Players and coaches are encouraged to learn and teach the basic concepts of football.  They are encouraged to participate in an environment that fosters learning, excitement, fundamentals, and team spirit.  Winning is NOT a priority.  Maximum player participation and ball touches is the mission.  Players should rotate among various positions on both offense and defense to provide a well-rounded learning experience. 

Flag Program Tiers:

The Flag program is available to children in kindergarten through 3rd grade. The program is split into tiers in order for the league to provide an age appropriate introduction to football while allowing for a progressive learning experience to help prepare players for traditional tackle football as they advance through the program.

Tier One is designated for players in grades K-1 and will be a traditional flag football experience including reduced team size, consolidated field size and shortened competition time.

Tier Two is designated for players in grades 2-3 and will be a modified flag football experience, meaning players will wear helmets and shoulder pads with flag belts. The equipment is intended as an introduction while creating new progressive football experiences within the framework of flag competition. Players will continue to participate with reduced team and field sizes while having the opportunity to continue learning fundamental football skills.

Click on the PDF link below for complete guidelines and rules for the 2019 flag season.

We look forward to another great year for Guilford Youth Football and Cheerleading. Register today and join the Guilford Football Family!


GYF Flag Guidelines and Rules 2019.pdf