SYF&C Appreciation Weekend at Dick's Sporting Goods

Save 20% On Your Entire PUrchase

UpdatedThursday July 29, 2021 byKen Alberti.

With the start of the youth football and cheer season right around the corner, we’re excited to announce that Dick’s Sporting Goods is once again a sponsor/partner/supporter of the Shoreline Youth Football & Cheer Conference for the 2021 season!

As part of this continued partnership, we’re thrilled to offer our annual SYF&C Appreciation Weekend at Dick’s Sporting Goods – this weekend, July 29 – August 1st.  Using the attached coupon, all conference members and their families can save 20% off their entire purchase as they gear up for the new season!

Best of luck – wishing every team a safe and successful season.

Dick's Sporting Goods


Shoreline Conference Weekend - 7.29 - 8.1.pdf